Arita Campus

1 Founding

The town of Arita is the birthplace of Japanese porcelain. Ceramics have continued to be produced here for 400 years, thanks to the endless wisdom and hard work of our forebears. Valuable historical sites related to the ceramics industry, such as the ruins of kilns from 400 years ago, can be found at various points in Arita. It is also home to museums and ceramics research institutes, such as the world-renowned Saga prefectural Kyushu Ceramic Museum and the Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory.

Blessed to be in such a wonderful location at the Arita campus Saga University took the place of the Arita College of Ceramics, a leading school in ceramics education that turned out many accomplished students. As a university, it is home to educational research in expression and craft in the fine/industrial art fields, as well as science/engineering and economics/business administration.


2 Facilities/Equipment
(Main equipment and machines by each workshop)

Computer Room

macintosh computers, large size printer, color laser printer, 3D printer


Photography Studio/Printing Shop

strobe lamps, digital single lens reflex camera, photography platforms, screen printing platforms, tracing platform, exposure machine


Pot Mill Room and Milling Shop

pot mill, trommel, auto crushers, vibration screens, magnetized metal detector

pot mill

White Porcelain Potter’s Studio and Slip Casting Studio

electric wheel, jigger wheel, pressure casting machine, vacuum kneading machine

molding room


drillimng machine, electric band saw, panel saw, electric grinders, belt sanders, electric tool sets

work shop

Gypsum Mold Casting Studio

gypsum wheel, milling machine, gypsum vacuum deaerating and stirring machine

plaster mold-making room

Firing Shop

1㎥ gas kiln, 0.5㎥ gas kiln, 0.3㎥ gas kiln, 12KW electric kiln, 20KW electric kiln, 15KW electric kiln, two 10KW kilns for over glaze painting, frit kiln

kiln room

Scientific Analysis Laboratory

X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope

Experimental Studio

thermogravimetric-differential thermal analyzer, dilatometer, mechanical testing machine, hardness tester, electric furnace

3 Location/Access

Saga University has three campuses: Honjo campus, Nabeshima campus, and Arita campus.
Students in the SPACE-ARITA program will primarily study at the Arita Campus.
Arita Campus is located in the town of Arita, approx. 60km west of Saga city, where the Honjo campus is located.
(It takes approx. 40 minutes from JR Saga Station to JR Arita Station.)

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4 Ceramic Research Center of Saga University

> Ceramic Research Center of Saga University