The Students SPACE-ARITA Seeks

The town of Arita, the birthplace and production center of Arita ware, has been a source of Japanese aesthetic sense and life from the middle ages through the present. It is also known for craftsmanship that has been continuously passed down, as well as the latest technologies in porcelain production. In the ceramics-focused SPACE-ARITA program at the Arita campus Saga University, participating students will acquire new inspiration and ideas through as they learn these senses and techniques, the hope being that they will create ceramics-based products with fresh appeal.

In the culture of ceramics, which embodies Japanese ideology, much knowledge is hidden in the production techniques and processes. By focusing on the production of ceramics during your period of study, not only will you gain expertise that can only come from Arita, but you will also learn perseverance as you seek solutions through trial and error, and gain powers of observation to ascertain materials of porcelain’s characteristics. Through these, we hope that you will acquire much of the knowledge hidden within Arita’s ceramics culture. More than anything, we hope that you will shareJapan’s rich history, and make new discoveries as you enjoy amalgamating your own culture with that of Japan.